Pakatan budget an unrealistic budget

TTF: Salleh puts things in perspective by demonstrating why Pakatan’s budget is nothing but the figment of a very wild imagination. While its leaders claim to be experts in matters of finance, they can’t even put two and two together and tell you it is four. So how are they going to save Malaysia?

Salleh Said Keruak

Recently Pakatan Harapan had publicised their ‘Alternative Budget’ early to perhaps steal the storm from the official Budget 2018 announcement today. However, the ‘Alternative Budget’ is unrealistic, ignoring fundamental economics and accounting principles.

The basic rule of accounting is your income must match or exceed the expenditure. You cannot cut the income and at the same time increase the expenditure and still remain profitable. You cannot spend more than what you get. Countries in Europe and even the UK itself are facing a huge deficit because their budgets did precisely what Pakatan Harapan is proposing. Have they not learned anything from the European experience?

The reality is that the ‘Alternative Budget’ is wishful thinking because Pakatan know they will never need to deliver it, except if they come to power. Pakatan is playing around with the hopes and dreams of people, and this impractical budget is further proof of that.

For a group of parties offering itself as the alternative, it is disappointing to see such irresponsible politics. Pakatan should stop playing games and come down to reality.