Pakatan people are jealous liars

Lim Sian See

The photo (below) shows Prudential’s new HQ currently under construction in TRX.

The 27 floors building will be completed by 2019.

The UK founded and Singapore-based Prudential will join Australia’s Lend Lease, HSBC Affin Bank Bhd, Indonesia’s Mulia group, Lembaga Tabung Haji and WCT Bhd in developing the TRX.

Looking at the tenants and investors there as well as the price paid, it looks like Tabung Haji got a good deal and will surely make money.

The highest building TRX will be the 106 floors Signature tower which is already past 60-70% completion.

When opened next year, it will be 492 meters tall – more than 10% higher than KLCC’s 451.9 meters – and substantially higher than KLCC’s top floor of 378.6 meters.

Even as late as one year ago, the WSJ as well as the Pakatan supporters said that TRX was just a hole in the ground and will never take off.

“Apa-apa pun tak nampak”, they cried.

They also said Tabung Haji got cheated and will lose a lot of money. But now, Tabung Haji will make a lot of money.

Pakatan people are jealous liars.