Pakatan’s ‘Malay Tsunami’ and PKR’s logo  


Salleh Said Keruak


Rafizi Ramli said Invoke’s study has revealed that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has failed to trigger a ‘Malay Tsunami’. “Sekiranya anda bertanya kepada saya apakah akan berlaku tsunami disebabkan PPBM dan Dr Mahathir, saya katakan tidak, itu tidak akan berlaku. Saya beritahu perkara ini setiap hari kepada Dr Mahathir, Muhyiddin Yassin dan pemimpin parti mereka dan mereka menerimanya,” said Rafizi.

 Pakatan Harapan’s leaders and a number of political analysts have said that the ‘Chinese Tsunami’ that started in 2008 had already peaked in 2013. That means Pakatan has more or less maximised its Chinese support base and if they want to go higher than the 80 or so parliament seats Pakatan is expected to win without the help of PAS then it has to be against the backdrop of a ‘Malay Tsunami’.
And that was supposed to be the role of Mahathir and PPBM, and which Rafizi said has failed to happen. And without this ‘Malay Tsunami’, Pakatan Harapan might do even worse than in the 2013 general election let alone win the 120 or so parliament seats they are aiming for.
And that is why Pakatan Harapan might have to use PKR’s logo as Pakatan Harapan’s common logo. DAP said it is not using its logo in GE14 while PAN’s logo might put off the Chinese voters due to its Islamic image. So that leaves only PKR’s logo. Pakatan’s use of PKR’s logo as its common logo is their strategy to fool the Malays into believing that this now makes Pakatan more Malay.

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