Pakatan’s misguided cries of racism

Lim Sian See

When Zahid Hamidi mentioned Mahathir’s Kerala ancestry, Pakatan Harapan leaders, associated NGOs and writers all slammed Zahid saying he is racist. These are the same people who kept quiet when Mahathir called the Indians using the derogatory term “Keling”.

These people chanted “kita semua satu Malaysia. kita semua bangsa Malaysia” and then heavily criticized Zahid – alleging that he is racist.

However in Saturday’s 90% failed rally, Mahathir’s speech attacked Najib’s ancestry too.

During the rally, Mahathir said: “Maybe he can trace his ancestry to Bugis pirates. Somehow, he lost his way and came to Malaysia. Go home to Bugis (Sulawesi)!”

And the hypocritical Pakatan crowd cheered.

So we now wait for the Pakatan leaders, associated NGOs and writers to also slam and attack Mahathir for being racist.

We shall be waiting a long time, it seems.

Hypocrites of such order of “only we can be racist, others cannot” is a big clue that Pakatan is all about self-interest to grab power and are totally unfit to rule.

Remember that it was some random ordinary UMNO member who asked Chinese to balik Tongsan. It was not the president or even an actual UMNO or BN leader.

In this particular case, this is the Pakatan’s CHAIRMAN who asked Bugis to Balik Bugis.

Can Pakatan be truly non-racist or multi-racial if their Chairman himself is a racist while Pakatan leaders dare not slam their own Chairman for such remarks?

Does this mean that Pakatan and DAP tolerates or even promotes racism or race based hate speech?