Pakatan’s new flavour is beginning to sour

The Malaysian Observer

It is quite obvious that for now, Tun Mahathir is DAP-led Pakatan’s flavor of the month; which is a very far cry from how they had viewed him.

There was a time in the not too distant pass where those who make up Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan coalition would be salivating over any negative press which Tun Mahathir received.

Not only would they have been salivating, but Lim Kit Siang et al. would have been crying from the top of Mount Kinabalu for any type of investigation to take place just as long as it would have Tun Mahathir seeing the inside of a courtroom.

When Tun Mahathir was still outside today’s DAP-led Pakatan Harapan coalition, there would have been cause for celebration just wishing Tun Mahathir was embroiled in some manner of controversy; real or otherwise.

However, now that their once collective wishes have come true with Tun Mahathir being looked at under the radar for his possible role in past events (Forex Scandal, Memali); the DAP-led Pakatan opposition’s  Information Chief (Salahuddin Ayub) says that their ‘Top Dog’ (Tun Mahathir) is being selectively prosecuted.

This is just as head-scratching as when PKR urged their supporters to forgive Tun Mahathir.


It appears that DAP-led Pakatan’s message to the rakyat is to forget about billions Bank Negara lost in the forex market and that the Memali murders are not worth looking into because as Tun Mahathir is fond of implying ‘the past is the past’.

So is that DAP-led Pakatan’s message; to not investigate those events because they may prove to be embarrassing not only for Tun Mahathir, but for DAP-led Pakatan as well since they have anointing Mahathir their top-dog?

All of the recent events which surround Tun Mahathir must have Lim Kit Siang’s head spinning as has stopped his battle cry for an investigation into Bank Negara forex losses and had chosen instead to link his fate to that of Mahathir’s.

As events continue to unfold, there will undoubtedly be those in Lim Kit Siang’s DAP-led Pakatan who will say to Lim Kit Siang; I told you so, bodoh or the equivalent in one of the Chinese dialects.

The problem is Lim Kit Siang along with his Pakatan Harapan opposition rushed to make Tun Mahathir their flavor of the month without checking the usefulness date; now they realize that his flavor is starting to sour!

Source: The Malaysian Observer



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