Pakatan’s using of foreign media to stigmatise Malaysian elections is nothing new

Lim Sian See

Pakatan using foreign media to paint Malaysia’s elections as dirty is not new. However, they will need to focus on one subject as a symbol of this “fraud”.

In GE13, this symbol was the 40,000 phantom voters and blackout accusations.

Post GE13, the phantom voters and blackout accusations have been found to be false after GE13 with even BERSIH themselves admitting there was no evidence of such thing.

DAP man concurs Pemantau’s findings of no foreign voters, blackouts…/dap-man-concurs-pemanta…/

Therefore, Pakatan cannot use the old issues anymore and must focus their attention on a new issue.

In GE14, it will be the redelination issue – despite the fact that under law, a redelination is supposed to happen every eight years.

Here is a reminder of some of the foreign media attacks prior to GE13 that had accused Malaysia of using phantom voters to “steal” elections:

CNN: Democracy crisis in Malaysia: foreign workers were employed for fraud voting in General Election.


Hufftingtonpost: Election Fraud in Malaysia…/malaysia-election-fraud_b_…

Reuters: Malaysia’s Anwar raises voter fraud alarm ahead of election…/malaysias-anwar-raises-voter-frau…

The Economist: A dangerous result:…/21577390-after-tainted-election…

Al Jazeera: Will elections in Malaysia be free or fair?…/opinion/2013/04/201342982454925…

Al Jazeera: Opposition protests Malaysia vote ‘fraud’…/features/2013/05/20135817411128…

CNN: DIRTY Election in Malaysia

The Telegraph: Malaysian opposition rallies amid claims of widespread electoral fraud…/Malaysian-opposition-rallies-…

Recently, Tun Mahathir had publicly admitted that the opposition were “forced” to use Foreign Media to attack Malaysia as he says our local media is controlled.

But as you can see, what Tun M is doing is nothing new as Pakatan had been using their foreign media connections and their Soros links to badmouth in past elections too.

If you just google, the opposition – especially DAP – has been saying that each and every election since 1990 will be the “dirtiest in history”.

They are again saying GE14 is the “dirtiest” in history.

This is just a recycled mantra that they will use to get voters sympathy and also to prepare an excuse for them when they inevitably lose.

Before GE13, Pakatan had used foreign and local media accusing the govt of elections fraud using phantom voters and blackouts.

For GE14, Malaysians will have to prepare ourselves for a similar foreign and local media onslaught that accuses our govt of elections fraud using redelination.

It’s just a recycled tactic but using a new subject. It’s really Pakatan’s “40k Bangla V2.0”

Source: Lim Sian See



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