PAS destroys Guan Eng over GE14 remark

“Without Pas, Pakatan Harapan will have a tough time gaining support from the Malay community”

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Pas has lashed out at Pakatan Harapan leader Lim Guan Eng for saying the Islamic party has no chance of winning and forming a government in the upcoming 14th General Election (GE14).

Its state publicity secretary Iszuree Ibrahim, in dismissing the claim, said a private research centre has revealed that more people are turning their attention to Pas compared to Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) and Parti Amanah Negara (PAN).

“The research showed that there were 20,000 new Pas members. Whereas, PPBM and PAN only have seven per cent of that number in term of new member registration,

“Without Pas, Pakatan Harapan will have a tough time gaining support from the Malay community,” he told the New Straits Times when contacted today.

He was responding to the PH deputy president’s statement earlier today that “Pas would lose everywhere and the probability of losing Kelantan also looked real.”

Iszuree said according to the Auditor General Report, the Kelantan state government was doing a better job than other states governments in the country.

He said unlike Pas which helped the states to become better, Pakatan Harapan’s main aim was only to take over Putrajaya and govern the country with their powers.

“Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu are prime examples of what good we can actually bring to this nation.


“In Penang especially, there was the controversial Peel Avenue land issue. Also, Lim himself is facing corruption charges…This indicates the lack of good governance in comparison to Pas’s leadership,” he added.

Iszuree said Lim’s statement showed arrogance and made to please only himself and the opposition pact.

It failed to explain the actual political situation of the country, he said.

“In Penang, people have started to open their eyes and realise both the Pakatan Harapan’s and DAP’s political agendas.” he added.

Lim had earlier lamented that voters only have two choices — Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan, while ruling out the possibility of Pas winning and forming a government.

He said Pas has no ambition of forming a new government, hence could lose votes.

“Pas is contesting for the sake of contesting. Their political direction has changed from opposing BN and Umno to working tacitly with them.

“They have their own hardcore supporters, but they will face losses everywhere, even the likelihood of losing Kelantan looks real,” he was quoted as saying.

Lim was responding to a question of Pakatan Harapan facing a likely deficit of votes following the decision by the party leadership not to work with Pas in the coming GE14.

Source: NST Online



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