PAS MPs helped vote Anti Fake-News Bill in to stop Fitnah

Lim Sian See

I was surprised to find out that all 10 PAS Member of Parliaments had voted to approve the anti-fake law bill yesterday.

The bill passed with 123 voting in favour and only 64 against.

Curious, I asked a friend in PAS why they had supported a bill that may limit their ability to make accusations against the BN government which will limit them politically.

This PAS member said it was because Islam is very strict against fitnah as the crime of fitnah is considered worse than murder.

He said that if fitnah or fake news was allowed to continue “berleluasa” or become dominant then it would mean the end of times.

“As Muslims, we have a duty to stop Fitnah akhir zaman” said this relatively senior PAS member.

Interesting. It appears that the PAS MPs voted for the bill because it was in-line with their religious practice and thinking.

Source: Lim Sian See