Penang Chinese clans openly support Barisan Nasional

TTF: I’ve spoken to leaders of four Chinese associations in Penang. Two from as many associations penned agreements in my presence, agreements that spelt out the need to ditch the DAP and support Barisan Nasional. Leaders of the remaining two associations gave their word that their people would go all out to campaign for the MCA.

BUTTERWORTH: Penang Chinese Clan Council (PCCC) has issued a strong message to the Chinese community not to vote for the opposition in the 14th General Election (GE14).

Its chairman, Dr Chang Wei Lu, said the community should be aware of the mistakes committed by the DAP-led state government for the past 10 years.

“This time, we must go all out to deny DAP and the opposition from returning to lead this state.

“Enough is enough. We no longer feel peace in our state,” he said at an MCA ceramah at the Tan Si Eng Chuan Tong Association Hall here yesterday.

He was referring to its decision in December to cancel the Culture and Heritage Chinese New Year celebration, which had been organised since 1999.

The decison was made because the state government had failed to settle loan payment to PCCC that helped to manage Chinese New Year celebrations, he added.

The state government, he said, had promised to pay RM80,000 to organise the event. However, the state government still owed the council RM70,000.

PCCC was among several non-governmental organisations that helped to ensure DAP’s victory in Penang.

Source: NST Online