Penang likely to return to Barisan Nasional


The Lim Guan Eng led DAP’s approval ratings in Penang has fallen 48.26 percent since 2008, according to a five-month poll conducted by team The Third Force in the island state.

The poll, which took off on the 2nd of November 2017, involved a total of 807 respondents who were asked, among others, if their views regarding the party had changed since 2008 and if they approved of the party’s handling of the state of Penang.

Out of the sample population, 75.97 percent were Chinese, while the remaining comprised chiefly of Malays and Indians. Three Sikh individuals partook in the survey.

The results came on the heels of an accord reached by two senior leaders from two associations in Penang who have pledged to campaign in favour of Barisan Nasional this coming general election (GE14).

The said leaders supported the DAP during the last two general elections.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one of them told The Third Force that a sizeable faction of the Chinese community in Penang has had it with Guan Eng, adding that the Chief Minister displayed a patronizingly “tidak apa” attitude when it came to communal issues.

“We have no faith in a Guan Eng leadership and will work towards a return of Barisan Nasional,” he said, adding, “Many of us will never accept his willingness to work with Mahathir.”

Out of the Chinese interviewed, 39.48 percent voiced support for Barisan Nasional, with the majority stating that their reason for supporting the ruling coalition was to send a message to Guan Eng that enough was enough.

Note: The sample population was selected at random at shopping malls, popular eateries and other public venues, with respondents being quizzed verbally