Penang tunnel made “Chickadee” enchained with sorrow to debate Najib

Another Brick in the Wall

Chickadee”, tell me what’s wrong
You’re enchained by your own sorrow
In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow
How I hate to see you like this
There is no way you can deny it
I can see that you’re oh so sad, so quiet

“Chickadee”, tell me the truth
I’m a shoulder you can cry on
Your best friend, I’m the one you must rely on
You were always sure of yourself
Now I see you’ve broken a feather
I hope we can patch it up together

Pun from lyric of Chiquitta by ABBA

We thought Lim Kit Siang backed out because Dato Najib would have used the debate to raise issues and expose his embarassing past, personal and subversive activities, including his fake law degree degree and humbling begnning as a pork seller in Batu Pahat, Johor.

Raja Petra thought Najib would used it to raise issues Kit Siang raised against Tun Dr Mahathir in the past such BMF, BNM Forex, Maminco, Perwaja and the list goes on.

There is also the possibility Dato Najib would use the debate to question on the “kewayangan” (dramatic spin) of his son, Lim Guan Eng on the misleading economic and financial statements and information.

On Monday, we were told to think further.

Yesterday, we were told all those issues are already out in the open or too long to be relevant.


It hardly could scare or embarrass or worry a veteran politician like Kit Siang. He could do a Phee Boon Poh “So what?

The only possible reason Kit Siang pulled out must have been out of fear for an issue that is current, affects him and/or his son legally and is embarrassing.

It was he who requested for Kleptocracy as the theme of the debate, but the table would be turned against him.

And, it would be an issue Kit Siang would have wanted to keep silent.

When this FB posting of Dato Najib was up, it did not occur to us that he may have wanted to tell the public that the Lim family of DAP is afraid of reigniting the terowong issue again.


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