Penang Tunnel Scam: An RM167,900 television???

TTF: Wow, an RM167,900 television??? What sort of television costs that much (see news item below)? Why, was this television capable of receiving transmissions from Aliens in the Andromeda galaxy??

Yesterday, the MACC nabbed a guy who was bribed RM19 million by the SPV to subvert investigations into the Penang Undersea Tunnel Mega-scam. But not only has Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng yet to express shock, P. Ramasamy, who lied to the MACC by saying he knew nothing about the project, tried desperately to shift the spotlight by stressing that an UMNO politician was involved.

Well, consider this:

1. Irrespective who was involved, a bribe of RM22 million was paid by the SPV to close the files on the tunnel mega-scam. As Lim Sian See himself pointed out, if the SPV did no wrong, why pay such an exorbitant amount to close investigation files? Is it not obvious that the guys at the SPV probably had monsters – not skeletons – in their closets?

2. Guan Eng spent months defending the SPV by saying things were in order. But now we discover that the SPV paid bribes to conceal wrongdoing, meaning, things were never really in order. So why isn’t the Chief Minister coming out to apologise for alleging that Barisan Nasional was out to sabotage the tunnel project?

3. Does Dramasamy really need to tell the MACC how to do its job after having lied to the anti-graft agency? Is it not the MACC that disclosed the existence of a bribe in the first place?

4. The total sum paid out by the state government to the SPV was RM208 million, delivered via two land-swaps – one in 2015, and another, 2017. But we have since discovered that CRCC, which was promised RM69 million for design works and feasibility studies, stopped work sometime in 2016 after having been paid only RM3 million since 2013.

5. Yet, the state government went ahead and ‘donated’ 2 acres of land worth RM73 million in 2017 as payment to the SPV. Under the circumstances, did that RM73 million have anything to do with the RM22 million bribe? Did the SPV use the land as collateral to obtain the money which was then used to pay individuals to sweep dirt under the carpet?



KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) froze today four company bank accounts containing RM3.6 million and confiscated four luxury vehicles and an RM2.5 million house in its investigation into the Penang undersea tunnel project.

The MACC said the bank accounts belonged to a businessman with a “Datuk Seri” title, who was arrested yesterday on suspicion of receiving RM19 million from the main construction company behind the RM6.3 billion project to help stop investigations.

In 2016, the businessman was allegedly involved in a scam where over 200 investors were duped into depositing approximately RM2.2 million into the bank account of an association.

The suspect, together with a forex investment company, allegedly promised the investors, who were mostly students and pensioners, handsome returns.

Several police reports were lodged against him by some of the victims who came forward.

During the raid today, a television worth RM167,900 was also taken by authorities.

The four luxury vehicles seized included a Toyota Vellfire, a Mercedes Benz, a Land Rover, and a Hyundai Starex.

The million-ringgit house that was believed to have been confiscated was located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

MACC investigations department senior director Datuk Simi Abd Ghani confirmed the asset seizures and said investigators were still collecting evidence.

Source: The Malay Mail Online



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