Penang Tunnel Scandal: Guan Eng, are you the man next to the Dato’ Seri?

Dato’ Eric See-To

Recently a businessman with the title of Dato Sri was remanded by MACC for receiving RM19mil in payments in July 2017 from the Penang Undersea Tunnel SPV in what was reported to be payments to stop MACC investigations into the Penang Tunnel project.

Another RM3mil was also paid to another person for the same purpose – bringing up the total payment to be RM22mil in a failed attempt to stop investigations.

Many had questioned what is the true amount of corruption of wrong-doing in the Penang Tunnel project if RM22mil was paid in an attempt to stop the MACC investigations.

Yesterday night, a photo of an individual that resembles Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng with the Dato Sri who received the RM19mil has gone viral on social media along with a caption that the picture was taken at the house of the Dato Sri’ at around the time when the Dato Sri’ started receiving the RM19mil payments.

Previously, Guan Eng had denied any knowledge of the total of RM22mil payments by the Penang Tunnel SPV.

If this photo is real, Guan Eng has an obligation to confirm if he knows that Dato Sri, why did he go to the Dato Sri’s house, when was this picture taken and what is his relationship with the Dato Sri.

We await your confirmation or denial.

Source: Eric See-To