People are dying, and yet, the despicable Pakatan turns tragedy to their advantage

Lim Sian See

Pakatan’s simple 4 steps guide to creating fake news.

1. Take any two photos of a serious car accident.
2. Add in photos any random person in BN shirt.
3. Add in another (recycled) photo of a box of money from anywhere.
4. Share all 4 photos on WhatsApp and FB groups along with the message ” Is this true? Sabah BN politician dies in car crash. Box full of cash in car”

Voila! More fake news to cheat the public to incite hatred against BN.

BN supporters could easily do the same and replace the photo with a photo of a Pribumi or DAP leader in their party shirts and spread but BN people don’t do this as they are not (generally) cheating scums like PakaTun.

Lagi Fake News diedar oleh Pakatan untuk menipu rakyat dan menghasut. Berapa kali lagi kamu mahu kena tipu sebelum kamu mahu mengaku bodoh?

The viral fake news was also shared on FB groups and blogs like the following:…/sabah…

Utusan’s Feb article with the photo of that box of money:…/mesej-tular-wang-rm100-palsu-tid…

Source: Lim Sian See