People’s Declaration deferred following media boycott


Dear Readers,

The Third Force was supposed to launch a People’s Declaration at 8 pm today to present Malaysians an opportunity to voice their opinions for or against the Government of Malaysia (GoM). The declaration is pursuant to a Press Conference (PC) that Pergerakan Malaysiaku Tanahairku (PMT) held yesterday in Petaling Jaya to address the spate of attacks by the GoM against Islamic themed institutions in the country. The launch has since been deferred to Friday, the 27th of July 2018.

The deferment follows a decision by PMT to hold discussions with another organization to ensure that the declaration is known to all Malaysians. The move is necessary as the media largely boycotted yesterday’s PC for reasons that may have had to do with the sensitive nature of topics discussed. The Third Force will be writing on the matter soon and will spell out PMT’s original intent and how that intent has changed since the boycott. PMT is also reevaluating its position on a number of things and will decide if or not it truly represents the voice of the commoner.

Thank You.