PKR election was really a battle between Mahathir and Anwar

TTF: I’m not quite sure what the delegate meant when he described the recent PKR election as a failure (see news item below).

If his contention is that the election caused a split among members, we cannot necessarily conclude that the electoral process was at fault. 

Elections the world over are bound to cause splits among voters, particularly if contending factions are themselves split or contest each other for devious reasons.

Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali is deliberately splitting PKR to kill off Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s influence in the party.

Rafizi, on the other hand, is attempting to kill Azmin to see to it that the Anwarists regain control of the party.

Azmin is from camp Mahathir, while Rafizi is with Anwar.

The electoral process is hardly at fault, as if anything, it is the constant bickering, finger pointing and money politics employed by both camps that led to infighting months prior to the party elections.

So don’t blame the electoral process just because you’re unhappy with results.

Focus instead on bringing both Azmin and Rafizi to task for using the elections to advance the agendas of their respective overlords.

SHAH ALAM: A PKR delegate from Perlis today described the recent party election as a failure as it has caused a split among members.

“Be it team Rafizi (Ramli) or team (Datuk Seri Mohamed) Azmin (Ali), we really fought ‘till death’. We told everyone that this is the new politics, yet all these happened. Is this what we want our children and grandchildren to inherit?

“I can firmly say that generally we have failed. We fought just to show who is better. We were willing to fight even our own friends,” said Tengku Nazeri Tengku Aldin when debating a motion on the presidential speech at the PKR National Congress held at IDCC in Shah Alam today.

In saying this, Tengku Nazeri then called on both teams to stop all the dispute.

“The party election is over. Now it is time for us to show and prove our love and affection for the party.”

His call then has led to both Azmin and Rafizi sharing a brief hug, which received thunderous applause from the delegates.

He said he hoped the new party president Datuk Seri Dr Anwar Ibrahim will look into the matter for the next party election.

“We do not want this kind of party election anymore. Bring some change.”

In his speech, Tengku Nazeri also lambasted the party’s Central Election Committee (CEC), which he deemed as weak in managing the party elections.


“India has millions of voters, but not as difficult as this. This is why I think the president should send CEC to India, to learn how to manage an election.”

Source: NST Online



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