Poison pen letter: The unmasking of Mohan a/l K Thomas aka Tommy Thomas

Another Brick in the Wall

The stream of criticism against the Attorney General, Mohan a/l K Thomas @ Tommy Thomas is endless.

From the manouvre to get Dato Hanafiah Zakaria to acquit Lim Guan Eng of the Jalan Pinhorn bungalow case, Tommy’s latest is the embarassing penalty of RM30,000 imposed by the court for failing to get Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah on charges of contempt of court, andΒ calls for his resignationΒ following his conflicted role in the Inquest on the death of fireman Mohd Adib.

Tommy’s latest decision to remove Mohamad Hanafiah Zakaria as Solicitor General III and send him into cold storage as senior research officer at the Judicial and Legal Training Institute (ILKAP) in Bangi is biting him back.

The reason speculated is the allegation of corruption. It is convenient considering that a DPP and a judge were recently held for investigations by the MACC on suspicion of having received bribes for their involvement with an illegal immigrant syndicate.

Hanafiah’s name has been bandied around with those of his former superiors by the legal fraternity. It is a surprise that Tun Dr Mahathir could appoint Hannafiah’s wife in an important position in the government’s economic planning.

Apparently, the word in town is that his wife managed to arrange an appointment for Hanafiah to meet Mahathir to bitch about the Attorney General.

Tommy got wind of the meeting and had Hanafiah refrigerated immediately into an outfit under the PM’s Department. So much for rumours that Tommy pledged allegiance and loyalty to Mahathir.


His loyalty remains with Chin Peng’s proxy, the DAP’s Lims.

Tommy was brought into the circle with the help of his fellow legal colleagues associated with Tun Daim in Daim & Gamany.

Latheefa Koya, Sivarasa Rasiah, and Eric Paulsen practised law in that firm.

Poison pen letter

The poison pen letter is making its rounds against Tommy is entitled: Tommy Thomas The unmasking of the real AG.

Usually, the author of a poison pen is not known as it is written anonymously, but the conclusion in the latter is seen verbatim in the social media profile of Hanafiah. One can immediately conclude that it is his.

More so since sources claim certain information revealed could only have come from him as he was a party in the private meeting with Tommy.

Since this letter is spreading already to all lawyers and has even found its way into the social media pages of lawyers (Buzze Azam FBΒ hereΒ to latestΒ here), it is published in full.

Caveat emptor, buyers beware. You be the judge …..


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