Price hikes? Impossible!

POPO: What lies (see news item below). With GST prices berlipat-lipat increase due for the multiple tiers.

Without GST, prices should have berlipat-lipat decrease too.

Inflation should have been negative – not positive. Positive means barang naik.

The report is obviously fake news.

KUALA LUMPUR: Food & non-alcoholic beverages recorded a 3.5% increase in Kuala Lumpur in July, far exceeding all the states, according to the Statistics Department.

The other state which recorded higher than the national index of 0.7%  was Sarawak at 0.9%.

The inflation rate, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), rose 0.9% in July 2018 from a year ago, which was in line with a Bloomberg forecast.

The CPI for July rose to 119.8 from 118.7 a year ago due to a 6.7% rise in the transport index.  The index for housing, water, electricity,  gas & other fuels climbed 2% and education 1%.

Source: The Star Online