Rached: Despite plurality, Malaysia able to uphold Islam

“The Malaysian government is indeed courageous in its policies to uphold Islam”

PUTRAJAYA: Tunisian leader Rached Ghannouchi has praised Malaysia’s fortitude in upholding Islam despite the “complexity” posed by a multiracial composition.

Rached said Malaysia was in fact a leading example in the Muslim world through efforts to promote Islam as a peaceful and moderate religion, against the spread of Islamic deviancy post-Arab Spring which saw the rise of terror group Islamic State.

“Malaysia is seen as a global example, where Islam has been given a beautiful image despite current adversity.

“Moreover, Malaysia is able to unite its people even though there is complexity in its plural community,” Rached said during an interview with the media after attending a closed-door meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Rached is here for a seven-day visit which began on Sunday, upon the government’s special invitation made to foster closer ties with Muslim countries.

During the meeting held at Seri Perdana, Najib and Rached who is the president of Tunisia’s major Islamic party Ennahdha, spoke on a series of issues including Malaysia’s involvement in championing the rights of oppressed Muslims such as the Palestinians and Rohingya in Myanmar.

“I am impressed with Malaysia’s endeavour to help Muslims in Palestine, the Rohingya in Myanmar, Muslims in Southern Thai as well as Southern Philippines.

“The Malaysian government is indeed courageous in its policies to uphold Islam.”


At the same time, Rached proposed for Malaysia to further its investment in Tunisia.

It is learnt that during the meeting with Najib, a special committee was formed to look into improving Malaysia-Tunisia bilateral trade.

“Earlier today (yesterday) I visited the (headquarters) of Felda and Tabung Haji. I am very impressed with the achievements made.

“I hope Malaysia can invest more in Tunisia to forge stronger ties between the two countries.”

Source: NST Online



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