Rafidah, get the MACC to clear your name

Very simple solution. Rafidah can use the AGC, the MACC and the judicial system to clear her name. And it will take only one day to do this because the investigation and the file is already complete. Instead of denying the allegation or insulting me by calling me names, let the system clear Rafidah because it was the Prime Minister and Umno that made the allegations against her since the time when she was still in the government. 


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Rafidah Aziz is one more of those just like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar Ibrahim, Muhyiddin Yassin, Shafie Apdal, etc., who used to walk in the corridors of power and made billions from abusing their power and now turn around and whack the party that they exploited in which to make money.

Rafidah said I am a joke and she is wondering how much I am being paid to write ‘rubbish’. Rubbish, of course, is subjective and is entirely up to one’s interpretation. What is important is she never denied that about RM2 billion worth of APs were issued every year in the 21 years she was the Minister-in-charge of issuing APs and of allocating public company shares or ‘pink forms’ to ‘Bumiputera investors’.

Anyway, why does Rafidah want to know how much I am being paid? Was she not paid when she was a Member of Parliament? Was she not paid when she was a Cabinet Minister? Is she not being paid a pension now that she has retired? And was not all that money she has been receiving, for the last 32 years, taxpayers’ money?

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How many million Ringgit has Rafidah been paid so far over the last 32 years — salaries, allowances and claims included? For her kawasan alone that probably comes to RM100 million over 32 years. So, stop acting like Mother Teresa. Rafidah has cost the Malaysian taxpayers more than RM100 million and she is still costing them money as long as she continues breathing and refuses to die.

I remember once back when Rafidah was the Minister of Trade and the Malay Chamber of Commerce raised the issue of Ministers abusing their power to help Umnoputeras get rich under the disguise of implementing the New Economic Policy (NEP). The NEP is supposed to help Bumiputeras and not help a handful of Umnoputeras to get rich, the Malay Chamber argued. Terengganu Member of Parliament Alias Ali then replied: Umnoputeras are also Malays, so what’s wrong if they also get rich?


The point is not whether Umnoputeras are also Malays or not. The issue is the Minister of Trade was abusing her power to help her cronies get rich. That was the bone of contention of the Malay Chamber. And that was the reason the issue was raised. And that matter was raised almost 30 years ago back around 1989-1990.

So, 30 years ago, most Malays already knew about those close to the Minister of Trade becoming millionaires. And when the matter was raised during a conference, they replied that these people are also Malays so what is wrong if they also become rich? But the issue here is about cronyism, abuse of power and corruption, not about whether they are Malays or not.

It is not I who say Rafidah is corrupt and abused her power to make her cronies rich. The Malay Chamber of Commerce said this, and openly during conferences and meetings on top of that. The then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said this. Umno said this – and is still saying it until today. And of course, the opposition said it as well (but they have stopped saying it since Rafidah now works for Pakatan Harapan).

If Rafidah insists she is innocent then why not invite the MACC to investigate the allegations against her?




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