Rafidah, you were a product of “Ketuanan UMNO-putra” under Mahathir

TTF: Rafidah, you were a product of Mahathirism, a unique brand of supremacy that favoured only the UMNO-putras, i.e., people like you. You turned from millionaire to multimillionaire overnight by abusing the AP system while serving as minister of International Trade and Industry. You thrived on a brand of Ketuanan Melayu that was “Ketuanan UMNO-putra” in disguise. Back in the day, you  chalked up millions upon millions a year through ‘commissions’ you were not supposed to earn.

So why bullshxt about the need for there to be Malaysian supremacy? Malays like you are pathetic and the reason the non-Malays used to attack UMNO. Come to think of it, what happened during GE14 was the product of a cancer you and Mahathir inflicted UMNO with. So learn to keep that mouth of yours shut and start embracing the fact that people like you are the reason Muslims are uniting into a third force Pakatan will soon find very difficult to contend with.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Wanita Umno chief Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said it is time for the concept of Malay supremacy to be replaced by Malaysian supremacy.

She said the concept of Malay supremacy was unsuitable in today’s society and that priority should be given to the country.

In an exclusive interview with the Malaysiakini news portal, she said: “Now, the more appropriate concept is Malaysian supremacy … this nation must come first.

“Why do we want to compete with each other? We should compete with the best in the region, the best in the world, not to put Malay legacy and Chinese heritage at loggerheads, we are Malaysians and we want the country to be the masters in the region.”

In the interview, Rafidah said Malaysian youths should play a role in driving Malaysia forward and be proud of being Malaysians.

According to her, lazy and non-competitive young people meant that they were not proud to be Malaysians.


The former Minister of International Trade and Industry also stressed that not associating with other races was one of the reasons why many, as Malaysians, could not appreciate the multiracial society in the country.

Source: The Malay Mail Online



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