Ramasamy, stop acting like a joker and start answering the question

Dato’ Eric See-To

I refer to the media statement by Penang Deputy Chief Minister II and DAP ADUN Prof P Ramasamy issued on Wednesday, 7th February 2018.

I take note that P.Ramasamy wrote that “It has been reiterated a number of times that the Penang state government has not paid a single cent for the tunnel project. ”

I take note that P.Ramasamy did not tell the actual truth that the Penang Govt had paid RM220mil in the form of cash and land for the tunnel and 3 roads project which was awarded as one RM6.34 billion project.

I also take note that this media statement from P.Ramasamy’s was issued due to the following:

“His (Wee Ka Siong) latest salvo against the Penang state government is asking how much CRCC was paid for its role in undertaking the Penang Undersea Tunnel project since the agreement was inked in the aftermath of the last general election in 2013”.

I take note that P.Ramsamy then went on verbal rampage to disparage and insult Wee Ka Siong, Liow Tiong Lai and MCA with all kinds of nonsensical comments but in the end, the core question of how much CRCC has been paid remains unanswered.

I implore P.Ramasamy to stop acting like a joker and just answer the core question.

In order to prove that CRCC is still the master contractor and to prove the financial strength of the Tunnel SPV, please provide documented proof of how much in payment has been made to CRCC since the contract signing in Oct 2013 and what was CRCC’s exact role in the project over these past 5 years.


This is a simple request. Surely the Penang Govt will have no problem fulfilling this?

Eric See-To.
Deputy Director,
Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications.

P,Ramasamy’s statement:¬†https://dapmalaysia.org/en/statements/2018/02/07/26488/

Source: Eric See-To



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