Ramasamy’s pathetic statements regarding tunnel project only damaging to DAP

Lim Sian See

Despite 4 senior executives including 2 Datuks and 1 Datuk Seri already arrested by MACC, despite the Penang Govt unable to answer many serious questions, and despite being caught lying numerous times and presented with solid proof of your lies, DAP apologist and kaki bodek Deputy Chief Minister II P.Ramasamy just wrote an article to explain the issues of the Penang Tunnel scam.

According to him, there is no issue with the Penang Undersea Tunnel scandal at all!

This is his press statement titled “What’s so wasteful about the Penang tunnel project?” published in MalaysiaKini today:

“The issue is not so much the Penang tunnel project, but that the state government is led by the DAP. So in the run up to the election, every effort is made by the MCA to question and undermine the Penang state government. As though such a move would earn them enough credibility to undermine the support of the DAP primarily from the Chinese community.”

“But unfortunately, to start off with, MCA enjoys no credibility with the Chinese community. In fact, MCA and Gerakan have been faulted for reducing the Chinese Malaysians to be second or third class citizens of the country.” said Ramasamy. https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/411945

Bodohlah you.. People asking you serious questions and showing you sold proof of your scandal, all you can do is to revert to RACIST rhetoric and propaganda?

You do know that your are the Deputy Chief Minister II and have a duty to answer correctly instead of resorting to racist rants, right?

So desperate that DAP now have to bring in racism when you cannot answer properly about your mega scandal? This is RM6.3 billion, kawan!


So pathetic. You are such a clown!

Such answers will only make people more convinced that DAP is guilty of massive abuse of power and songalp over the Penang Tunnel scam.

Source: Lim Sian See



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