Ramkarpal is too much of a hypocrite to be taken seriously

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

رامكرڤل ترلالو هيڤوكريت، تيدق بوليه دأمبيل سريوس

Initially, when I read Ramkarpal’s statement regarding the need for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to take responsibility over Pakatan Harapan’s defeat in five by-elections, I thought of penning an article to put into perspective causes for the defeat.

But then, it’s not as if I have never written about them before. From the incessant calls by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s men for Mahathir to set a timeframe for power transition to Lim Guan Eng’s failure as Minister of Finance, I’ve pointed out over and over again the real reason our economy is suffering more than it should.

You can read the summary of it by clicking on the link below.

Kimanis a clear sign Mahathir needs to ‘bury’ Anwar and DAP ASAP

What I’m here to tell you is why Ramkarpal isn’t at all the “principled and righteous” lawyer he tries very hard to portray himself to be. Take the two explosive Statutory Declarations that made headlines these past four months or so as cases in example.

On the 16thof September 2019, former Bukit Aman VAT 69 Combat Driver Azilah bin Hadri shocked the nation by alleging that he was ordered to kill Altantuya Shaariibuu by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda.

The allegation was contained in a Statutory Declaration dated the 17thof Oct 2019, in which Azilah further alleged that Najib told him Altantuya was a “foreign spy” who needed to be “arrested and destroyed.”

This was Ramkarpal’s ‘lightning-speed’ response to the SD:


“There is no need to await a police report on the matter as the police can act on the said SD itself.

“A fresh statement must be taken from Azilah himself now and those he had implicated in his said SD, including Najib and I urge Inspector-General of Police Hamid Bador to do so forthwith in light of the seriousness of the said allegations.”

However, when Muhammed Yusoff Rawther made public a Statutory Declaration (SD) accusing Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of assaulting him physically and sexually, Ramkarpal took an entirely different approach.

On the 5th of December 2019, a day after the SD went viral, Ramkarpal issued a letter of demand on behalf of Anwar seeking to discover if Yusoff had indeed made a statutory declaration against Anwar.

Double standards?

In the case of Azilah, Ramkarpal was so sure the SD belonged to Azilah hours after it went viral. In the case of Yusoff, Ramkarpal was unsure if the SD was by Yusoff even a day after it went viral.

Ironically, it was Yusoff himself who read out the contents of his SD to a press conference, unlike Azilah, whose SD mysteriously wended its way to Malaysiakini before being made public by the portal.

And I ask you again, double standards?

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