Rithaudeen: Almost 1.5 million Muslims asked you to leave, Waytha. So leave already!

Waytha has sown so much discord in just 11 months that if he were to remain in government, things will get out of hand. Source (pic): The Sun Daily

Following is an editorial adapted from the Malay Mail Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

PUTRAJAYA: Senator P. Waytha Moorthy declared the country to be less polarised today, despite claims that he failed to deal with several racially-charged issues in the ten months since he assumed the role as national unity minister.

TTF: Coming from a man who told foreign journalists some years back that Hindus in Malaysia were forcibly being converted to Islam and that religious freedom did not exist.

What many of us on the ground actually experience isn’t even remotely close to what Waytha seems to be imagining.

What we have today is a nation so divided, the only thing you hear a sizeable number of Malays say is how they regret bringing “racist communists” to power and how a “keling tak guna” is causing problems.

I can’t be certain if they’re referring to Tun or Waytha.

Either way, they’ve been saying it over and over and over again and seem to have lost all manner of respect for the DAP and the Chinese community.

During the anti-ICERD rally held on the 8th of December 2018, almost 1.5 million Muslims shouted “Waytha undur” in unison when asked if they still wanted the “Minister of Destruction” around.

Scores of women standing next to me became so emotional the minute his name was mentioned that they began to tear up and asked Allah to “remove Waytha” from earth.

Things are really that bad.

In some parts of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang – a place I spent 25 years of my adult life in – I can only so much as guess when things will finally boil over.

Even the Indians I spoke to in some of these places had nothing good to say when we floated Waytha’s name.

Almost everyone is convinced that Tun is protecting the clown because he wants to safeguard the Indian vote.

MMO continued…

The former Hindu Rights Action Force leader told reporters in a group interview here that his interaction with thousands of grassroots groups in recent months showed a starkly different reality from that often painted by social media or in the press — that they are far more united.

Waytha Moorthy said only politicians claimed there is division in an attempt to sow racial discord, since their political survival depends on fear and communal insecurity.

TTF: You hand over Malay-Muslim assets from Tabung Haji to a DAP-controlled SPV.

You then allow the SPV to dictate terms to pilgrims who want to fulfil their religious obligations in the Holy land of Mekah.

And you expect Muslims to just keep quiet?

And when Malay leaders point this out, you call them racists?

If anyone’s racist, it’s most certainly you, Waytha.

It was you who implied that Malays were behind the riots at the Sri Maha Mariaman temple in Subang Jaya and that police deliberately delayed action to allow the Indians to fight it out.

If anything, the nation is far more polarised than it was prior to the 14th general election due to the discord people like you sow along with DAP politicians who keep insinuating that the Malays are lazy, black, “pukimak” and so on.

MMO continued…

“Yes, racism is getting rampant (but) on social media but this is usually created by people without a face, people who deliberately create problems by creating fake accounts to upset the close relationship shared by all communities in the country,” he said.

“Because politicians have raised many racial issues until the public thinks that there are serious things affecting them… but when I go to the ground and talk to them, the people are united.”

TFF: Yeah, just like the time you went to the ground overseas and spoke of Hindus in Malaysia being forcibly converted to Islam, right?

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