Rosmah and Najib are not good people? Think again…

Raggie Jessy

Pakatan paid cyber-troopers are just about everywhere!

Day in day out, they’re pissing all over our portals, telling our readers that we’re this and we’re that. So, today, let me do something totally different and pull out some insults and comments I myself have been receiving. For a change, let me present you with ideas of what one can say when dealing with these fellows by presenting my own responses to some of these goons.


1. Rosmah is not a good person

Response I


And you met Rosmah, and she told you that?

Response II

Considering that you haven’t met Rosmah but choose to demonise her, would it be ok for me to say that your mother is not a good person?


Rosmah has children too, you know.


And they have to endure your half-past six remarks on a daily basis.

Do you have any idea how that feels?

You would, if it was your own mother who’s being insulted.

Response III

Former MACC chief Tan Sri Abu Kassim has openly admitted that the claim Rafizi Ramli made regarding Rosmah purchasing an expensive diamond ring was untrue and part of an elaborate conspiracy involving the Customs Department and some politicians.

Now, are you going to apologise to Rosmah for having slandered her, or do I need to appear as her witness against you should the need arise?

Did you know, that in Islam, fitnah is a sin worse than murder?

I know who some of you are.

Response IV

Abu Kassim’s testimony proves that Sarawak Report and Malaysia Chronicle are fake news portals.

Question is, are you going to stop reading those portals?

Or are you going to keep accusing me of disseminating fake news and continue reading those portals?

2. Raggie, you’ve been charmed by Rosmah

Response I

Yes, I have.

By her virtues, by her humility, by her willingness to submit to the will of Allah.

If you’re not a Muslim, you won’t understand.

Response II

And if you’re Muslim but have slandered her without reason or without even meeting her, then, may Allah have mercy on your soul.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or Christian but believe in charms, you’re a gonner.

3. Najib is guilty because the world media says he is guilty.

Response I

The media is not a courthouse.

History has proven that the media can be used to overthrow regimes through the dissemination of fake news.

Besides, the very media that spoke ill of Najib is the very media that came clean on this a couple of times.

Response II

The local media keeps saying that because of Najib, the national debt is above RM1 trillion and that the country’s Debt-to-GDP ratio is 80.3%.

But a well acclaimed international credit rating corporation, Moody’s, has rubbished these claims and exposed that the Debt-to-GDP ratio is a healthy 50.8%.

This has been published in foreign media as well.

Considering that our critics believe more in foreign news than they do the local media, they should be questioning our present government as to why it lied about our debt figures.

But strangely, this time around, they seem to believe our present government more than they do the foreign media.

I guess the foreign media has tarnished Najib’s reputation to such an extent that our critics only believe in our present government and nothing anybody else says.

I guess, the foreign media has finally managed to outdo itself.

4. Why did Najib not furnish documents to prove Mahathir wrong?

Response I

Let’s say I accuse you of stealing RM10,000 from an ice kacang seller.

Tell me, is the onus on me to prove that you stole the money or on you to prove that you didn’t?

Response II

Mahathir himself stated in front of cameras that he did not have proof to substantiate his claims.

He admitted that his accusations were based on hearsay and what “someone had once told” him.

But I suppose you do not know this, considering that when Barisan was government, you did not watch or read anything that came out of the mainstream media and believed only in foreign news.

Back then, even if Mahathir were to have appeared live on TV, you’d probably have accused Najib of getting a lookalike or clone to smear the old man’s reputation.


Response III

In 2015, Tan Sri Gani Patail produced a charge sheet that Mahathir insisted was legit and sufficient to incarcerate Najib.

Where is that charge sheet?

According to Mahathir, the document was based on evidence the MACC accumulated following its probe into 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion controversy.

Well, where is that evidence?

5. You guys in the opposition are twisting your words and trying to gain public sympathy

Response I

Oh yes, when we manage to corner you guys with facts, we’re twisting our words.

Response II

I put my money where my mouth is.

I have gone live on camera to state my claims and take full responsibility for what I say.

I have lodged police reports, which, if based on false claims, would subject me to the full brunt of law.

If you slander me publicly, I will not hesitate to sue you.

Response III

If you are able to demonstrate to the police or the courts a sufficient connection to and harm from something I may have said or done, please to not hesitate to trigger action pursuant to law against me.

If you have evidence that a police report I may have lodged was false, please do not hesitate to lodge a second report to inform the police that I lied in my own report.

Response IV

Public sympathy?

Do you think it’s easy being the opposition?

Why would we put ourselves in a predicament only to derive public sympathy from it?

Do you think we’re nuts?

Sometimes, I think our critics just don’t use their brains.

6. Why can’t you just accept the general election results and support Pakatan?

Response I

Did you vote for Pakatan during the 14th general election (GE14)?

If you did, then why did you?

Is it not true that Barisan Nasional won the 13th general election (GE13)?

Why did you not accept the GE13 results and support Barisan Nasional instead?

You didn’t because you believed in freedom of choice, correct?

So what’s wrong with me not supporting Pakatan Harapan?

Are you that dumb?

Response II

You say you love democracy.

Yet, you hurl slander against us because we’re sympathetic towards Barisan Nasional.

So are you saying that we should destroy Barisan Nasional and turn our country into a one-party dictatorship?



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