RPK challenges his nephew, a hard-core DAP supporter, to a duel in Bangkok

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

United Kingdom (UK) based blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has challenged his nephew, Iskandar Azaman, to a duel in Bangkok following a Facebook comment posted by latter referring to the blogger as a coward.

While I do not have details of the posting on which Iskandar commented, his remark seemed to be in response to a certain Shahril Sharip as made evident by the screen capture below:

And this is what Petra, who referred to Iskandar as “a hard-core DAP supporter,” had to say about his nephew:

“If that mother-fooker Iskandar Azaman thinks I really tak berani, just let me know the time and date he wants to meet me for a one-on-one.

“Let’s meet in Bangkok face-to-face. Only one of us will walk away. I dare face my enemies. Choice of weapon fists unless you have another choice.”

Iskandar Azaman, Raja Petra Kamarudin’s nephew

To Petra, I’m with you all the way…go for it.