RPK: What royal immunity are you talking about? Get your facts right

“Malaysians talk about how Mahathir removed the immunity of the Raja Raja Melayu (and some hail Mahathir as the hero for clipping the wings of the Raja-Raja Melayu).

“That is fallacy number one.

“What immunity did the Raja-Raja Melayu possess, which Mahathir removed? We talk about the immunity of the Raja-Raja Melayu and how Mahathir removed it and yet we cannot identify what that immunity was.

“The Raja-Raja Melayu never possessed any immunity and Mahathir did not remove it (mainly because there was no immunity to remove). But for more than 30 years Malaysians were told the Raja-Raja Melayu possessed immunity and that Mahathir was the great hero who removed the immunity of the Raja-Raja Melayu.”

Raja Petra Kamarudin