Saifuddin was the culprit behind attempt to ratify ICERD

“Anyway the 1.5 million estimate by Raggie Jessy is overly high. However, there is a viral claiming Astro estimate the same number. It gets better as The Unspinner claimed a source revealed as 1.97 million”

Another Brick in the Wall

The pro-government media is actively trying to play down the number of crowd.

The social media showed extensively images and videos of the gathering that it cannot be disputed to be bigger than any of the BERSIH series.

In anticipation of the large turnout, PPBM and PAN wavered from their earlier stance to favour considering ICERD. Tun Dr Mahathir changed from his cynical swiping of the anti-ICERD rally to U turn to take potshot at SUHAKAM.

PKR is in a dilemma with sizeable number of its Malay members not supportive but non-Malay members are supportive of ICERD. Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not put a stand but Nik Nazmi had AMK loudly support ICERD.

The champion behind the idea of ICERD is COMANGO with DAP’s hidden hand lies in the background. The recent culprit trying to push ICERD is not controversial Minister Waythamoorthy, who announced government will retify ICERP, but it was Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah.(In the earlier government, it was Dato Nazri Aziz but rejected by Dato Najib}.

He inserted the message without specifically mentioning ICERD in Tun Dr Mahathir’s speech at the United Nation. (Kelab Che Det supporters claimed and showed documents Mahathir was involve in writing the speech).

For that matter, the now increasingly apparent DAP boneka, Mahathir should also be held responsible.

The Foreign Minister with the superiority complex of I-alone-know-best without consideration for  public views and those of others was caught unable to put a clear stand to say no to ICERD in Parliament. The recent problem with Singapore is a manifestation of this Foreign Minister does not know how the duck to be one.

In the video of Parliament session below, Saifuddin was caught and defenseless in his attempt to hide his true intention under the barrage of opposition questioning and arguments that Anwar had to bail him out.


* MP for Pasir Mas speech on ICCPR referred by Saifuddin is here.

Anti-ICERD understand ICERD document

Like Saifuddin and other Pro-ICERD supporters, they claim anti ICERD have not read the document. Waytha claimed ICERD will not affect article 153 of the Constitution.

Here is a simple assessment of a non-lawyer who read the document and saw the implication:

Beyond the issue of Malay rights, Pribumi Sabah and Sarawak rights and Islam status, an office in the United Nation with few members will have the power to impose on the country to amend law and over ride the Federal Constitution. Malaysia will cease its right to determine its policies and law to the UN.

ICERD has been abused and astrayed from its original intention. It was a ploy to protect the Jews against anti-Semitism sentiment but US and Israel themselves do not retify ICERD. [Read Ruhani Ahmad here in Utusan Malaysia].

Anti ICERD is well versed and was involved to resist pro-ICERD NGOs operating through COMANGO and funded by foreign covert money bad mouthing Malaysia abroad. Upon winning GE, they brought the fight to Malaysia. Ruhani also opposed DAP strong voices for ICERP.

Hear below Lukman Sheriff, Bar Council member who started a petition that draw 200,000 supporter on and was part of the fght agnst COMANGO:

Even liberally inclined Mufti of Perlis is against ICERD.

The weakness of the ICERD was revealed in the questions and arguments towards Waythamoorthy in Parliament.

Waytha is only good at rally with his empty rhetoric and lies to rile up the naive and emotional Indians.

As Tajuddin Rahman warned, yesterday’s rally will happen and it is only the beginning. It could lead to the immediate downfall of PH. What will be DAP’s next move?

Obviously bigger than BERSIH

FMT put it down to only 30,000. which is only the size of BERSH rally. The mainstreammay have come down to an agreed number of 55,000 as that seemed to be reported by NST group, Bernama etc. However, Malaysiakini which is infamous for exagerating numbers could not live with such lie and claimed it as RM80,000.

A reliable and reputable source in crowd estimate initially predicted 20 to 25,000 but at 10 AM yesterday, could not hold on to that forecast. As of evening yesterday, no reply yet but his underlings estimate at more than 100,000.

A source stationed at PWTC placed their estimate at 200,000. While organiser claimed as 300,000. People sitting around us at Dataran Merdeka acknowledged it is definitely more and more packed than BERSIH. A veteran of many BERSIH rally claimed she said they had a deceptive MO create false impression of numbers.

Yesterday, the parade planned from several locations faced gridlock and had to stay put far away from Dataran Merdeka. Malaysia Insight claimed their DBKL and Police sources put the number at 250,000 too 300,000.

Tun Dr Mahathir first reported statement to say thank you to the million that attended sounded cynical. of earlier organiser estimate of a million but then changed to half a million.

But his wavering in the subsequent report to question SUHAKAM support for ICERD may tell a different story. He may have been briefed by a high police official claimed a source who spoke to his high level police source.

Anyway the 1.5 million estimate by Raggie Jessy is overly high. However, there is a viral claiming Astro estimate the same number. It gets better as The Unspinner claimed a source revealed as 1.97 million.

Irrespective of the number, it was a clear message that there will be no tolerance to ICERD.

Source: Another Brick in the Wall



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