Sariffuddin: Lim Kit Siang’s offer to retire is a diversion from his undemocratic power grab

Press Release 

1.  When Lim Kit Siang says he would consider retirement, he makes us think of the operas that go from town to town repeating the same drama again and again. Every time Kit Siang fails to get his way as a leader, he tries to win sympathy by announcing he is prepared to sacrifice himself and retire in order to save ‎DAP.

2.  But most people are not fooled by this – because they have heard it all too many times before. K‎it Siang’s so-called offer to retire is just a desperate attempt to win sympathy‎. Dictators do not retire – they make others retire, but not themselves. They only make offers of retirement when they need to divert attention from their own failures. Kit Siang obviously has no intention of passing on the party leadership to Tan Seng Giaw.

3.  The current serious predicament for DAP is the legal status of its Central Executive Committee (CEC) and its Secretary General, Penang Official 1 – neither of which are recognised by the Registry of Societies.  Nobody is talking about deregistering DAP‎ except for Kit Siang and his sidekicks. Maybe Kit Siang is hoping for deregistration so that he can get rid of those party members and half the CEC delegates who are known in DAP to be against his dictatorship and the Lim family dynasty.

4.  Therefore, I would advise Kit Siang to refrain from talking about deregistration of ‎DAP and stop blaming UMNO and BN for all his internal party problems, which are of his own making. It is time for Kit Siang to retir‎e‎ from his half-century long ‎dictatorship.

5. Malaysians should know that it would be a disaster for the country if the DAP-led opposition were ever to wield power. The opposition is led by a man who puts his dynasty and thirst for power above democracy and the welfare of the people.