Selangor PKR MP urges Azmin to resolve treasury allocation issue

“I met Azmin during the PKR congress before I went public with the matter and told him about the problem”

SUBANG JAYA: Kelana Jaya MP Wong Chen today asserted that at least 400 struggling families have been deprived of welfare aid they receive annually from his office after the Selangor government suspended his community spending allocation.

The PKR lawmaker, who had his RM 250,000 annual allocation frozen following an audit that he claimed was conducted abusively by the Selangor treasury, said the families have come to “expect” his office’s support every year.

“These are mostly single mothers and also abandoned old people, who are from the Desa Mentari area,” Wong told reporters during a press conference at his office today.

Wong’s community spending was frozen last month by the state government, some four months after an audit found that his office was not “spending enough” for small projects or programmes under the annual MP allocation.

Wong warned that the reprisal from this issue could affect PKR’s chances of retaining the Kelana Jaya seat in the general election.

“If there is an innuendo of a scandal in my office, that will hurt my chances, and also hurt PKR’s chances. This issue is not political now, but it could pose a political problem in the future,” he added.

Wong won Kelana Jaya with a 26,000-vote majority in Election 2013, and stressed that the federal seat is the second-most secure for PKR in the state after Pandan.

He also urged Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali to help resolve the issue by finding out the reasons for the suspension by the Selangor treasury.


Azmin yesterday criticised Wong for going public with his grouses about the audit, and said the lawmaker should have approached the state government first.

But Wong said today that his letters to the state went unanswered and that he had been “stonewalled” by relevant state authorities for more than three months before he opted to go public.

“In fact, I met Azmin during the PKR congress before I went public with the matter and told him about the problem,” he added.

Despite being party mates, Wong, who is a first-term lawmaker, has been critical of Azmin’s administration in the past.

Source: The Malay Mail Online



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