Semburit, the movie: If not Anwar or Mahathir, who then is the 3rd party?

“If one still believes that Mahathir is still on top of his game and several steps ahead of everyone, the conspiracy theory by Raggie Jessy is that it was his own doing. It was his way of making sure Mukhriz becomes Azmin’s successor and a ploy to make Anwar over excited and over confident to do stupid things”

Another Brick in the Wall

Since the last posting on the alleged Azmin Ali-Haziq Aziz sex video, the question that this blog has been pondering over is the hands behind the video release and distribution, Haziq’s brevity to confess and the brimming confidence with which he came out of the police station after a night of interrogation.

In her column last week, Joceline Tan noted howHaziq “seems to have gone into this high-stakes game with his eyes wide open”. He seemed to be a well-trained Matahari, a WW1 spy doing work for the Germans.

It means he has a handler, a term used to describe those given charge of managing these so-called agents or operatives.

Joceline described it as hidden hands. However, it is not an easy task to know who these hands belong to. The best one can do is to analyse the outcome of actions taken by individualsand what have you.

Both this blog and Joceline’s initial observation noted the possibility that the whole affair is linked to Lathaefa Koya’s appointment as MACC Chief Commissioner and the transition of power from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, in which case Mahathir’s preference is to Dato’ Seri Azmin Ali.

The subsequent events pointed to Anwar being the one to benefit the most from the video expose. One could see Azmin’s people and supporters pointing their fingers at Anwar Ibrahim.

This is only the expected outcome after one reporter gave a tip off regarding Azmin’s meeting with Mahathir before the latter flew to London. He attributed the leak to Anwar and Mahathir and asked him what are you waiting for. Go pursue!



Despite being the main beneficiary, the reaction of the first PKR MPKT meeting was rather stunted. They could have been acting and pretending to not know, but it did seem that they were genuinely surprised at what happened.

One can sense from their reactions that they hated to go down the same road again and dwell and defend Sodomy 3. It was no longer about politics and Anwar vs Azmin but the stigma of being known forever as Pee Gay Arr.

If Anwar the hidden hands were Anwar’s, he will face the wrath of Mahathir again. He has been careful not to be seen as forceful and rock the delicate PH boat.

DAP could have done it, but then, it is not an interested party.

This is certainly a change in view from an earlier posting but if Mahathir can often change his stance on the pretext of having seen more evidence, there is nothing wrong in being truthful when one is given fresh leads.


If it is not Anwar, who else could it be but Mahathir.

This game is not for the normal mortal. It is the games of the Gods, or as the Malays say, the Dewa-Dewa. If not Anwar, all indicators would automatically point to Mahathir – not him per se, of course, but those within his command.

That curiosity was responded by laughter from a senior political analyst. Naturally, why would he do a number on his current flavoured heir apparent?

More so, DAP’s demand for a transition plan puts him in a spot and is pushing his back towards the wall. The unthinkable action is to knock off one’s own allies at a time when one needs them.

Nevertheless, there is a possible basis for Mahathir to want to throw Azmin under the bus.

For the past few months, it has been rather quiet on the party front. That leads one to the believe that the planned abandonment of UMNO by its MPs to frog on to PPBM has died down.

And since attaining the PKR Presidency, Anwar has made an initial effort to address the split in the party brought about by the pro-Anwar and anti-Anwar factions.

Part of the anti-Anwar group supports Azmin. Anwar approached all the MPs he believed could possibly be aligned to Azmin, MPs the latter could ‘deliver’ to Mahathir in terms of numbers.

During the PKR party elections, grassroots were talking about Azmin’s refusal to entertain Mahathir’s request that he take on Anwar for the party presidency. Talk is that it was a ploy to get Azmin to leave PKR and join PPBM.

As Minister, Azmin is not a performer. Apparently, he did not shine and failed to prepare a plan to turnaround the economy. Both Azmin and Lim Guan Eng were unable to deliver and had to be reminded of their assignments.

The plan to turn Azmin into Economic Affairs Minister ended up haunting old Tun Daim as he was forced to do what Azmin and Guan Eng were meant to do. It pissed the old man.

The common argument with regards to the sex videos is that Mahathir will not attack Azmin, as not only can Azmin defend him, he has no one else to pick as successor.

However, there is a popular belief that Azmin was dumped by Mahathir to make way for PPBM’s Dato Mukhriz.

It is a popular believe but this blogger viewed Mukhriz as not competent enough.

If one still believes that Mahathir is still on top of his game and several steps ahead of everyone, the conspiracy theory by Raggie Jessy is that it was his own doing.

It was his way of making sure Mukhriz becomes Azmin’s successor and a ploy to make Anwar over excited and over confident to do stupid things.

According to the theory, Mahathir had bought and paid over 65 of PKR, Amanah, DAP, Sabah/Sarawak and UMNO MPs. Anwar could be hawking money. And the money talked about is in the tune of US$5 million and RM25 million.

All of this could happen when Mahathir returns from the Bangkok Asean meeting tomorrow. It has to be sorted out before the next Parliamentary seating on the 1stof July 2019.

According to a source linked to a PKR state leader, the targeted date planned for Anwar to assume the premiership is before August.

Taib Mahmud?


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