Seven answer’s from Ramasamy that answer nothing

Lim Sian See

Everyone should read the reply from Penang Deputy CM II P.Ramasamy to see how useless he and DAP are.

Here is his statement earlier today in response to Wee Ka Siong asking why Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and P.Ramsamy has gone into hibernation mode for not answering Wee’s questions over the past two weeks:

Wee’s question: Why main contractor stopped work due to non-payment? Why CRCC and BUCG pull out? Why you award RM6.34 billion project to 82 days old company with only RM300k paid-up capital – not fulfilling tender requirement of RM381mil to qualify.

Ramasamy Answer 1: Wee is arrogantly to believe his answers are brilliant. Who says we cannot answer as we have nothing to hide.

Ramasamy Answer 2: No need to answer as MACC is investigating so Wee’s questions are not important currently.

Ramasamy Answer 3: Why does Wee keep asking us questions?

Ramasamy Answer 4: Wee is just raising the questions merely to embarrass the Penang state government more than anything else.

Ramasamy Answer 5: Why Wee never question any UMNO projects?


Ramasamy Answer 6: MCA is not qualified to ask questions as it has failed to protect the interests and concerns of the Malaysian Chinese community for many years.

Ramasamy Answer 7: DAP and Penang Govt are not in hibernation. It is MCA who is in hibernation.

Last-last…. exactly ZERO questions from Wee about the Penang Undersea Tunnel scandal has been answered by Ramasamy in his statement although it involves state funds of RM6.34 billion.

Meanwhile Guan Eng continues to hide from Wee’s questions. Maybe it is too hard or too embarrassing to answer.

Source: Lim Sian See

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