Shameless DAP feasting on the dead for votes

“The state government should instead, concentrate to provide more affordable housing, business, employment and educational opportunities for the Indian community in Penang”

Athi Shankar

Penang DAP deputy chairman and the state government executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo came under fire recently for politicising the brutal death of T. Nhaveen.

Jagdeep on his Facebook account said that “the crux of the matter is that the Federal Government has failed this family by not preventing this incident.”

Jagdeep claimed that Barisan Nasional federal government … yes, the federal government … was to be blamed for Nhaveen’s death.

Uphs! What a statesmanship-like conclusion!

But then, isn’t it normal for a politician from the Chinese-dominated DAP to spew venom at Barisan Nasional at any and every slightest opportunity for political mileage?

Nhaveen, 18, was assaulted by five teenagers on Friday, June 9, 2017, and he died in the hospital bed on Thursday, June 15.


Police have moved swiftly and arrested those five assailants.

They are being investigated for murder and could soon be charged for their alleged crime.

The crime had happened and the police had taken action according to the law.

All these happened in George Town, Penang, a state under the rule of DAP-dominated Pakatan Harapan state government.

So why Jagdeep blames Barisan government, especially when Penang has its own police team called Volunteer Patrol Team (PPS).

PPS was formed, according to DAP, to prevent crimes in the state, the Nhaveen-type crimes included.

How come PPS, which also doubles up to put up posters and banners for the DAP, failed to do its job here?

Penang’s DAP government has miserably failed to offer or provide anything substantial, productive and progressive for the Indian community in the state since it came to power in 2008.

Now with the general election being speculated for this year, the DAP is unashamedly trying to stir Indian sentiments by hijacking Nhaveen’s tragic death.

The Chinese-dominated DAP are trying to project an image of being the champion of Indians.

The DAP state government wants to conceal its poor performance for the Indian community in Penang, period.

One can notice that many social media groups had mushroomed within past few days in Whatsapp or Facebook to fight for “justice” for Nhaveen.

In these groups, the administrators had been rallying Indians to fight for justice over Nhaveen’s brutal death.

They want the assailants to be sentenced to death.

Anything less than that will be opposed.

Why chose Nhaveen, a nobody who became somebody due to his tragic death?

Sources are claiming that these social media groups were been funded by a group headed dolts, dunces and dullards linked to a certain leader in DAP.

These dolts, dunces and dullards were the ones who aired live coverage on Nhaveen’s funeral procession on Facebook.

Now, dolts, dunces and dullards are seeking justice for Nhaveen!

What justice?

Police have already taken action and it’s learnt that a special team from Bukit Aman was handling the case.

The assailants, believed to be members of a secret society, are expected to be charged by this month.

It’s also believed that this secret society had links with certain DAP leaders.

Wonder what justice these DAP scumbags are seeking here.

The DPP office can only charge the five alleged assailants in accordance with the country’s criminal laws, not according to the whims and fancies of DAP scumbags.

Everyone is equal before the law and the prosecutors cannot simply change the law just because some DAP scumbags demanded it.

DAP should stop playing Indian sentimental politics.

The state government should instead, concentrate to provide more affordable housing, business, employment and educational opportunities for the Indian community in Penang.

Stop the wayang kulit DAP!



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