Shameless for Kit Siang to have received funds from a 12-year old openly to gain publicity

Dr Shamsher Singh Thind

Ervin Devadason, a 12-year old boy, donated his eight months’ saving to Tabung Harapan, instead of buying his drum set. I am sure a “Good Samaritan” will in a matter of days buy a brand new drum set for the boy. So, I am not worried about him or his dream. But l think it is shameless on the part of Lim Kit Siang to receive such funds openly to gain publicity.

Why did the boy’s father contact Hannah Yeoh to hand over the cash? Why can’t he just bank in directly into the MOF’s Maybank account? Why hand it over to MOF’s father? And who appointed Kit Siang as the MOF’s collection agent? The boy didn’t even count how much he had in the coin box. So, how to ensure transparency? How can we be sure that the whole amount will be credited into the Tabung Harapan account by Kit Siang?

Cut the crxp lah, Pakatan.

I know you have no intention to fulfill your pre-election promises. That is why you created this “RM1 trillion ringgit debt” story. Either that, or you have to admit that you made those promises without fully knowing our country’s financial position, which means you are careless and incompetent. Choose one!

Dr. Shamsher Singh Thind

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