Shamsher: Guan Eng, jangan ‘menglembu’ berkenaan isu Sungai Lembu

Dark Justice

Lim Guan Eng, for heaven’s sake, please stop talking like an opposition and learn how to take responsibility like a true leader. Why are you still imputing blame to the Department of Environment (DoE) and Barisan Nasional (BN) over your own failure as Chief Minister of Penang?

Of course, illegal structures may not prove to be a nuisance and a hazard at a particular time, which is why it is understandable when the state government or local council decides not take immediate action. For instance, if a particular structure is not blocking a road and no person is affected, there may not be an immediate need for action by parties aforementioned with regards to the said structure.

But in the case of the illegal factory at Kampung Sungai Lembu, The Third Force has strongly alleged that the installation and the activity conducted within adversely affected residents of the village, what more with the open burning system that was employed which sent toxic fumes and ash into the atmosphere. Isn’t that a hazard the state government should have looked into? Why did you, as leader of the state, ignore the petition by residents of the village?

As a matter of fact, documents released by The Third Force indicate that the JKKK had communicated with you on the matter. If indeed you were torn between legalizing the factory and letting things be, then, why did you ultimately decide against the favour of villagers who are believed to have suffered horrendous fates as a result of your inaction?

And why was it necessary to make a distinction between pre-2008 structures and post-2008 structures? Article 8 of the Federal Constitution clearly states that everyone is equal before the law and shall be given equal protection. Why the double standards, Mr. Guan Eng? I tell you, you do not make any sense these days!

In a nutshell, it was not so much the legality of the factory that was bothering residents at Kampung sungai Lembu. The essence of their complaint was that the factory has been releasing toxic fumes in the last 10 years, which reportedly caused cancer to few residents, and the state government and local council did nothing to stop this. No Lynas-styled rally was ever held.

I am not sure how many complaint letters were sent to DoE by the state government. On the contrary, we know that letters were written to the MPSP so that any action against the factory may be stayed. Does that even make sense?

I am told, there are more documents being withheld related to the matter, so it is best you own up to your mistake before it is too late. I am appalled that you did not even have the decency to respond to the claims made by The Third Force and remained silent. It has been more than 24 hours since he released the documents.


l also call upon you to pay a visit to Kampung Sungai Lembu, meet the residents there and apologise to them directly. Tell them that the Penang state government, while profusely promoting Greener, Cleaner and Safer Penang, was unable to do anything for them because of the fault of BN and DoE.

Let’s see then if the residents will buy this pathetic story of yours.



TELEGRAM: Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

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