Show us the black-and-white, don’t just tell stories

“Why are we back to square one with the decades-old tale of the “billions in contracts Mahathir hand-delivered to his children on a silver platter” or the “200-over billion he cost the country?” Where is the evidence, where is the black-and-white?”

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

We’re hearing it again.

From the billions in contracts Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad allegedly hand-delivered to his children on a silver platter, to the “200-over billion” he cost the country (as someone put it), Mahathir is a ‘crook’, evil, a ‘crony-breeding machine’ and a nepotist – for the lack of a better word.

So where is the evidence?

Seriously, what is stopping anyone from dragging the old man to court?

And please, spare me the tale of how all this “happened so long ago that it’s difficult to dig out the evidence.”

Mahathir first resigned from government in 2003. He spent close to seven years thereafter poking his successors’ asses with “pitchforks from hell.”

When Tun Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi took over the reins, Mahathir openly chastised him over the so-called “oil-for-food scandal.”

Back then, Abdullah’s son in law, Khairy Jamaluddin, had quite an influence over the administrative strata together with the former’s son, Kamaluddin Abdullah.

Actually, it was Kamaluddin who did most of the planning from behind the satin laced curtains while Khairy basked under the spotlight, shifting conversations away from the inner circles.


The duo had the Ministry of Finance in their ‘grip’ – figuratively speaking, of course – as Mahathir unleashed his fury on Abdullah with ‘odium-soaked vengeance’.

So tell me, why did Khairy or Kamaluddin not dig into the administrative vaults to release every single shred of documentary evidence there was to throw Mahathir under the bus?

You mean to tell me that Khairy and Kamaluddin sat back and watched with arms folded as Mahathir reduced Abdullah from “Mr Clean” to “Mr I-had-a-dream?”

You mean to say, the thought of digging the vaults back at the Ministry of Finance, the Securities Commission, the Anti-Corruption Agency or Bank Negara did not cross Khairy’s mind?

Don’t give me that crap about “Mahathir being too old” or the Malay-Muslims “being compassionate and forgiving.”

When someone dangles your father-in-law by the balls from the edge of a cliff, you use every persuasive trick in the book to get your father-in-law back on solid ground before pushing the “ball-gripper” off the cliff.

It’s your father-in-law’s balls, for heaven’s sake.

And Mahathir wasn’t exactly ‘old’ back then – he was in his early eighties, which, in Malaysian politics, seems to be the age where some actually only begin to experience “mid-life crisis.”

Anyway, the pitchfork-poking did not stop.

In 2015, Mahathir hounded Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak over the latter’s handling of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and used a much sharper pitchfork this time around.

Not only was Najib accused of embezzling funds and abusing power, the internet was flooded with documentary evidence that included account details and money-trails.

Najib was both Minister of Finance and Prime Minister at the time and had all the means to dig into the vaults and release ‘damning evidence’ of Mahathir’s alleged wrongdoings.

Why didn’t he?

Some say Najib still reserved an iota of respect for Mahathir due to the latter’s relationship with the late Tun Abdul Razak, Najib’s father.

Others say Najib did not believe Mahathir would actually hurt him in the event Barisan Nasional lost the 14thgeneral election.

Ok, I buy this.

Well, is the 14thgeneral election came and went. Not only did Barisan Nasional lose to Pakatan Harapan, Mahathir was appointed the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia.

And what did he do?

First, he ‘humiliated’ Najib by piling multiple corruption and power abuse charges on him. Then, he ‘humiliated’ many others in Team A by piling similar charges and accusations on them.

In the process, many of the documents and account details that I previously was told were “mere exaggerations and fake” turned out to be legitimate and were even produced in court as material evidence.

Obviously, the argument that “Mahathir would not ‘hurt’ anyone” no longer applied. Obviously, his team had some information that was used against several Team A leaders in the court of law.

Anyway, the cases are ongoing, and I respect that. Mahathir has since stepped down as Prime Minister and is now in the opposition.

On the one hand, those who he ‘poked’ with ‘pitchforks’ are back in the ruling coalition and have some degree of ‘influence’ over government.

On the other, the same guys whose asses got poked are pissed as hell and have since locked horns with Mahathir, at daggers drawn.

So tell me, why is everyone back to releasing ‘bedtime stories’ and not the “gunnysacks of documentary evidence” proving Mahathir’s ‘crimes’?

Why are we back to square one with the decades-old tale of the “billions in contracts Mahathir hand-delivered to his children on a silver platter” or the “200-over billion he cost the country?” Where is the evidence, where is the black-and-white?

Or is there none?

So much for the daggers…

Khairy is with government – can he not bring out the gunnysacks to avenge the “ball gripping” that took place in 2007 and 2008 involving his father in-law?

See where I’m going with this?


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