Shukri has 48 hours to come clean on status of Shafie case

TTF: Last year, the MACC followed a money trail that led to a RM48 million stash distributed through 14 companies with links to Dato’ Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

The finding triggered discoveries into 60 companies that were said to be involved with various activities related to that stash.

The activities had to do with 170 water supply projects, 163 roadworks projects and 17 power supply projects. 

The MACC confirmed that among companies investigated, 23 came under the purview of Shafie’s own brothers, Dato’ Yusof Apdal and Haji Hamid Apdal.

The MACC even released a report titled MACC SIFTING THROUGH FLOW OF RM48MIL CASH 14 via the Star, leading to a lawsuit filed by Shafie against the daily.

But what happened?

According to online portal Malaysia Choice, MACC chief Dato’ Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull directed the case to be closed and undertook to release a key witness. The Third Force challenges Shukri to confirm if or not this is true and demands that he updates Malaysians on the status of the case.

Shukri has 48 hours to comply.

Malaysia Choice: Masihkah anda ingat kes tangkapan besar-besaran di Sabah melibatkan penyelewengan dana KKLW bermula dari tangkapan Datuk Peter Anthony, Azis Jamman, Arifin, Jamawi Jaafar, adik-adik Shafie hinggalah Shafie Apdal sendiri. Jumlah yang ditahan reman ialah 13 orang.