Syabas Azmin on your dumb ‘Syabas excuse’

Lim Sian See

A most useless excuse from the Selangor MB over last weeks filing of a RM4.22 billion claim in court over Syabas.

Asked if the Selangor state may go bankrupt if the loss-making Syabas loses the RM4.22 billion court case over unpaid bills, Azmin Ali merely answered that it was Syabas who got sued and not the state govt – which only has reserves of RM3 billion.

Splash had previously disclosed that since the Selangor Govt fully took over Syabas in 2015, Syabas started to pay only 36% of their bills which caused the total owings to rise.

Azmin Ali even said that the lawsuit was directed at Syabas directly, and not the state government, and would not involve the state consolidated fund as claimed by state Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Tan Sri Noh Omar.

“This once again proves that they (BN) lack leaders who understand the state and federal economic and financial issues.

“The one being sued is Syabas, not the state government. Splash sues Syabas, so of course Syabas is the one who would take the necessary measures to defend its position in court later.

Such a useless and arrogant reply from Azmin Ali.


Syabas loses more than a billion ringgit every year. If it loses the suit (likely since it is about unpaid bills) and cannot pay then it could be wound up.

Would the Selangor Govt allow Syabas to wind-up which will stop all water supply to consumers in Selangor and FT?

Wouldn’t the Selangor govt then use their RM3 billion to help Syabas pay?

This is the real question, Azmin.

Are you willing to let Syabas go bankrupt?

Do you really want to continue to act dumb and langsi over such a crucial issue that will greatly affect the daily lives of millions of Malaysians living in Selangor and FT?

Source: Lim Sian See



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