Tech boss claims wrongfully linked to Trump lobbyist firm, demands Rafizi apologise

PUTRAJAYA: A woman claimed today Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli had wrongfully named her as the same person said to be the head of a firm lobbying the US government under President Donald Trump on on behalf of Putrajaya.

Florence Goh Siew Boy, head of an IT company CRT Insights Technologies Sdn Bhd, said she is not the same Florence Goh named by the PKR leader as the director of Godfrey Group Ltd.

“I am not that Florence Goh… I want him to openly apologise,” Goh told a press conference organised by the Secretariat for the Advancement of Malaysian Enterpreneurs.

“I am in the IT business, everything I do is online so what he did was harmful to my reputation and my family as well,” she added.

Last week, Rafizi told a press conference that Putrajaya had engaged the services of US-based firm Godfrey United Ltd to lobby the Trump administration on its behalf.

The PKR leader also furnished the media with documents to support his claim. Among them were copies of company names taken from the Securities Companies Commission.

Today, Goh said that instead of naming the real individual accused of running the lobby group, the Pandan MP had wrongfully publish her name and that of her company.

Source: The Malay Mail Online