Thank god MAHB did not listen to Tony Pua

Dato’ Eric See-To

The increase in cost to build KLIA2 was due to a big change and upgrade in capacity and specifications – not due to cost over-runs.

Back in 2011, Tony Pua had even rubbished the need to increase the size of KLIA2 from the originally proposed 30 million passengers per year to 45 million passengers per year – which had led to the cost increase.

At that time he said that the then LCCT and the main KLIA terminal cater to only 15.4 million and 18.7 million passengers respectively a year – adding that KLIA was not even meeting its full traffic capacity, or 25 million passengers a year.

“What is more important for MAHB is to improve…our airport in the region instead of being obsessed with everything big,” Pua said.…/dap-why-double-the-cost…/

Based on the latest passenger traffic reports provided by MAHB and filed with Bursa Malaysia, KLIA’s 12 month traffic is now at 28.3 million while KLIA2 is now at 30 million per year.

Due to the growing income of Malaysians and the increasing number of tourists visiting Malaysia, KLIA and KLIA2 has seen explosive growth in passenger traffic.

If MAHB had listened to Tony then and did not proceed to build a higher capacity KLIA2, the airport would already be at maximum capacity today.

This would mean that MAHB would now have to scramble to upgrade or build another terminal at KLIA at higher cost to them – and causing disruption and discomfort to passengers.


Source: Eric See-To

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