The AG saga: Is Malaysia being driven to crisis?

Pakatan Supporter who believed…

Since their victory, the PH govt had managed to unsettle Singapore, China, the USA and Australia with their various comments and action.

It had also managed to unsettle the financial markets with various inflated figures, rushed cancellation of projects and ill-advised policies such as removing GST and relying on oil prices which led to 18 straight days of foreign selling of our stock market – the longest streak in history.

With their latest action of deliberately only putting Tommy Thomas as the sole name for the Agong and Council or Rulers to approve as our Attorney-General, it seems that the PH govt is determined to go on a collision course with the royalty.

Not only that, the PH govt has also betrayed the supporters yet again by going against their manifesto which clearly states:

“The Attorney General shall be appointed from amongst the qualified Members of Parliament (MP), and he would become a Minister who can continue the role as chief legal advisor to the Government. ”

Tommy is not a MP and if PH had kept to their promise, he would not even make the list of appointees. It is not as if PH has no MP who is also a lawyer?

There are many. Even Kit Siang is a lawyer.

We are already unhappy that PH has broken so many of their manifesto promises but here is yet another one. We wonder how percent of the manifesto will end up being implemented?

Are we to accept that the leaders we supported for change have now been found to blatantly lie to us by not fulfilling their writtn promises to us?

From the various revelations deliberately leaked to media over the past 2 days by the various PH factions, it appears that Tommy’s command of our Malay is poor, has little knowledge of Sharia laws, has represented Chin Peng in the past, will have conflict of interest in LGE’s case (he represented LGE in his corruption case which is still in the courts), had one left Malaysia and gotten PR in Canada and has little criminal law experience.

On top of this, you get the normal complaints from PAS and the various Malay rights groups and the royalists who are dead-set against his appointment for obvious reasons.

Isn’t there any other lawyer in the whole Malaysia that is can be qualified to be AG? Really, no others?

Mahathir says that he is holding to the principle that the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong has to act (to appoint the AG) on the advice of the prime minister by only giving one name to the Agong to choose.

Others including Tommy Thomas himself interpret the constitution differently saying that the Agong and Malay rulers have a right to reject the name.

Does the PH Govt and our PM want to drive our country into a constitutional crisis and have open confrontation with our royalty and their supporters now?

Do we really want to alienate the Malay heartlands who are already nervous about the sudden changes in post-UMNO Malaysia?

Are we forcing changes that are too radical and too fast that can lead to a further division of the people?

Change should be gradual and deliberate. We should not jolt the people and system too much and risk alienating large sections of our population,divide the country, forcing the country going into crisis which could ultimately lead to a premature end to the PH Government.