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This article pertains religious articles of faith and is in no way a testament of my religious convictions. Quotes furnished in italic are mine, while examples given are random and not specific to any event that may have taken place.

Last Sunday, the 14th of August 2017, I was asked by a friend I hadn’t met in a long time to accept Jesus as my Lord Saviour. I was told by this guy, a Chinese-evangelist, that only through Christ would I find the path towards eternal salvation, that by embracing the son of the Lord, all my worldly sins would forever be forgiven.

To my friend, I replied:

There are millions claiming Allah to be supreme, while millions more speak of Waheguru (the Sikh’s interpretation of God) as the eternal Saviour. Then, just when I think I’ve heard it all, a million others tell me Krishna is the true Lord, that because of Him, the world goes round and round.”

“So tell me,” I asked my friend, “to which million do I subscribe?”

Why does each million swear its version to be gospel? Have people forgotten that religion is nothing but a doctrine funnelled into their conscience from the day they were born? Have people become so ignorant that they don’t realise this simple yet fundamental truth?

Just around then, my friend, who seemed rather agitated and somewhat incensed, raised his voice and said, “You’re lost. People are not ignorant, but you are.”

To this, I replied:

“If people are not ignorant, then, why do you find the Christian speaking ill of the Muslim, and why are there Muslims and Hindus speaking ill of each other?

“Has the Muslim studied the Vedas enough to criticise the Hindu, or did the Hindu read the Quran to a point that empowered him (or her) to chastise the Muslim?

“Has the Christian read the Hadith to appreciate the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad, or is he imbued with the idea that Muhammad is inferior to Christ?

“Does the Buddhist know enough about the Granth Sahib (the Sikh Holy Book) to say Waheguru is not, or did the Sikh meet Waheguru to say Krishna is not?

“Did you meet Jesus before you decided I was lost, or did Jesus tell you that you were found?

“Am I a tool to strengthen your convictions, or do you simply look upon me as a mere fool?

“And tell me – is it not man who subscribes to the currency of deceit, and is it not he who worships worldly possessions?

“Is it not he who speaks the language of lust, and is it not he who wages meaningless wars?

“And what about you? Did you offer your other cheek when you were slapped, or did you resort to revenge and speak the language of the damned?

“Did you offer your enemy food and shelter, or did you shun him with your ego and pride?

“Tell me, dear friend, why should I believe the egotistical being? Why would I not want to search within?

“Why should I let the blind lead me, when I can tread my own path in this land of free?

“I’ll tell you why I shouldn’t – because you’re lost, and I’m found.

(Note: this is a polished version of the actual conversation that took place).



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