The day the Special Branch threatened to charge me for being a CIA agent

The question is: why does the US and the IRI (meaning the US State Department) want Barisan Nasional ousted and replaced with Pakatan Harapan? Well, that is another story for another time. But I can give you one hint, though. And that hint is CHINA.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

When Malaysia’s Special Branch detained me together with nine others in April 2001, the official reason given was ‘terrorism’. According to what the government announced, and which was reported by the media, the ten of us were planning to start an armed insurrection and that we had imported guns, bombs and rocket launchers for this purpose.

What the Special Branch really wanted to know is what my links with the CIA were. They accused me of being a CIA agent and threatened to charge me for treason — which, they said, would attract the death sentence on conviction.

Dr Chandra met me in the US and knows about my trip to Washington to meet ‘certain people’

This was the same thing they did to Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘tennis partner’, Solaimalai Nallakaruppan, in 1998. The Special Branch detained him and threatened to charge him for a criminal offence that would attract the death sentence on conviction.


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In 2000, I went to the United States for two weeks and met up with a few people. Somehow the Special Branch not only found out about the whole thing but even had transcripts of what was discussed plus what we had for lunch and so on. (By the way, Dr Chandra Muzaffar met me in the US so he knows about this ‘secret’ trip).

I found that most alarming because what the Special Branch officers told me could only have come from someone present in the meeting. Did the Americans sell me out? If not, how come the Special Branch was able to go into great detail that even my wife did not know about other than those few people present in the meeting in Washington?


Senator John McCain first joined IRI’s Board of Directors in 1992 and was named its Chairman in 1993

Basically, I was supposed to bring the International Republican Institute (IRI) to Malaysia. At that time John McCain was heading the IRI and it was being funded by the United States State Department.

Two of the IRI people came to Malaysia and I brought them to Terengganu to meet up with Mustafa Ali. I told the IRI people that Terengganu was under PAS and Hadi Awang was the Menteri Besar. However, for all intents and purposes, Mustafa Ali is the de facto Menteri Besar and the brains or strategist behind the party.


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