The ever so predictable Rafizi Ramli

Lim Sian See

Yesterday at 4pm, I posted a reply to what Rafizi Ramli wanted to bongkar at his Press Conference at 6pm (which started late at 6:45pm).

Turns out that I was 100% correct on what his Press Conference was all about – that EPF is interested to subscribe for Edra’s bonds to part-finance their construction of the Melaka power plant.

I had explained that this was not really a “bongkar” as it was already announced in the press a few days before.

I had also explained that the bonds are to raise 80% of the money that Edra needed while 20% (RM1.45 billion) is capital that Edra puts up themselves.

I had also explained that EPF will make their own decision whether they want to subscribe for those bonds as it is EPF’s job to invest since they now have RM771 billion to invest.

Edra could easily have raised whatever money in China – either from their parent company the China govt-owned CGNC, which has total assets of US$64 billion (RM261 billion) but if they raise from China or from Singapore, Pakatan will accuse Edra of not giving chance to local banks and funds.

Even if Edra borrowed the money here, the risk is on Edra. It is not free money that EPF – should they invest – but EPF is paying paid market rate interest for it.

With such a giant parent company, Edra is in no danger of going bankrupt and unable to pay their Sukuk.


Anyway, it was interesting to see Rafizi completely ignoring people who commented there using my post and laughing at Rafizi for being so predictable.

And it was interesting that their admin was busy deleting comments based on my posts.

In the end, almost every such comments on his FB live has been deleted while I am sure many more people were blocked from Rafizi’s FB page since yesterday.

Rafizi is so very predictable with his misleading “tuduhan” and fitnah.


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