The only one creating discord between Rulers and govt is Mahathir

Mahathir participated in Bersih and is even said to be an active Bersih member. Source (pic): TTF Files

Following is an editorial adapted from NST Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

SERDANG: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said attempts by certain parties to make the Rulers unhappy with the current government will not succeed because the government is elected by the people through democratic processes.

“There have been a lot of attempts now to make the Rulers unhappy with the government. They single out the Rome Statute and things like that… but it is not going to succeed, it will fail. They can try their luck.

TTF: Actually, the only reason the Rulers are unhappy is because the Mahathir administration went against the Federal Constitution of Malaysia by ignoring the Conference of Rulers when signing the Statute of Rome.

Their unhappiness was not triggered by anyone, but stemmed from their own dissatisfaction with the government’s disregard for the role of the Rulers and disgust with the way Mahathir is spinning the whole affair like a top.

And he’s still spinning it as if there is no tomorrow.

NST Online continued…

“They will fail because this government is elected by the people. This is a democracy and you just can’t get rid of the government.

“Unless you want to drop democracy and become a kleptocracy or you can become an autocracy,” said Dr Mahathir when asked about concerns over the existence of a pernicious “deep state” or “state within a state” that would affect Putrajaya.

TTF: That’s the exact opposite of what Mahathir said prior to the 14th general election.

Back then, he participated in illegal rallies on the pretext that is was ok for people to take to the streets to voice dissatisfaction and overthrow governments if left with no choice.

He said this despite the fact that the previous Barisan Nasional government never once delayed a general election or denied the people the right to participate in an election, meaning, he had the choice of waiting for GE14 but chose to create discord anyway.

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