The real reason America must destroy Iran, as revealed by Henry Kissinger

Dr. Henry Kissinger. Source (pic): Malaysia Today


سبب سرنر اميريك ڤرلو هاڤوسكن إيران، سڤرتيمان دددهكن هنري كيسسيڠير

With open warfare breaking out between Iran and Israel, the Daily Squib revisits Dr. Henry Kissinger on 10th May 2018 to hear how the ‘drums of war’ are beating.

(The Daily Squib) – “In our last conversation I spoke of the key to war. This key is Iran, and its catalyst was Iraq and Syria. One must remember that a conflict with Iran is effectively a conflict with Russia and China, and soon they will enter the fray, as was prophesied. We, the United States have been baiting the Russians and Chinese for some time, and slowly they are getting the message. They will be forced to make their move sooner than later. The supreme land of Eretz Ha’Avot, our motherland, our home will fight with all its might now to cleanse the Middle East of threats to Israel. This is the time to cut out the tumour that has haunted us for so long, and Bibi, my protégé, will take no prisoners. Rest assured, I was on the phone to him yesterday during the Iranian attack on the Golan Heights.”

I ask Kissinger, in the last conversation we had in 2011, he was quoted as saying “It is just that last stepping stone, i.e. Iran which will really tip the balance”. Why is Iran such a stepping stone for total global warfare?

Kissinger pauses for a few seconds, then rasps quietly, yet forcibly.

“The Persians are the ultimate prize in global hegemony. Once that line is crossed, then the onus and power play increases incrementally. The stepping stone to global domination ever closer for the United States. Iran is bolstered by Russia and China, and when we take that away from them, they will have less global power, they will have less global brinkmanship, they will see reduced global territorial influence in the region. This will cause them to make a move, because if they do not, then they are finished as well as the Iranians.


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