The real reason Dr M allowed the DAP to rob Malay-Muslim assets

Following is an article published by NST Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

PUTRAJAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is confident that the New Year will bring Malaysians together to ensure the country can achieve a developed nation status by 2025.

TTF: Actually, the country was on track to becoming a developed nation by 2020.

Right after the 14th general election, a report by credit rating corporation Moody’s put our Debt-to-GDP ratio at a healthy 50.8%, meaning, Najib left Mahathir with a vibrant economy.

As a matter of fact, the ratio had never once exceeded the 55% mark under Najib but way surpassed the 80% mark under Mahathir.

Then, soon after the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan took over government, Lim Guan Eng frightened investors off by alleging that the national debt stood at RM1 trillion and was over 80% of GDP. 

Although Moody’s was quick to rubbish the claim, our economy took a severe beating as investors began pulling out commitments worth more than RM12 billion.

The situation was further aggravated when the government undertook to withdraw three foreign direct investment projects that cost the country RM16.4 billion.

These setbacks were deliberately contrived by the DAP together with Mahathir to plunge the values of Malay-Muslim assets belonging to Tabung Haji and Felda.

Once these assets were rendered cheap enough, the government undertook to conduct new audits on them by relying on existing market factors.

However, the transactions evaluated by firms conducting the new audits were approved under the previous Barisan Nasional administration at a time when prices of the assets were much higher.

Not only was this a transgression in established auditing practices, it resulted in mismatches between audit reports produced by the new firms and those obtained from previously appointed firms.

This became the basis for the DAP-run Ministry of Finance to rob assets belonging to Malay-Muslims.

Mahathir was willing to let the DAP get away with it because the assets will involve transactions that the Ministry of Finance (MoF) agreed to conduct via Khazanah National, a Sovereign Wealth Fund fully under his control.

Through Khazanah, Mahathir plans to redirect some of the wealth derived from these assets to the coffers of his cronies.

The cronies, the likes of Tan Sri Vincent Tan and Tan Sri Ananda Krishnan, happen to be people involved with the MoF owned Khazanah one way or the other.

Notwithstanding, the only reason Vision 2020 can’t be achieved is because Mahathir allowed the DAP screw with the economy just to gain control of Tabung Haji and Felda assets.

Had it not been for him, we may have achieved a developed nation status by next year and become the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia.

But thanks to him, we’re making headway towards becoming the region’s biggest blunder in terms of economic planning, management and budgeting.

In a brief four-minute speech prior to the New Year’s countdown at Dataran Putrajaya here, the Prime Minister said that Malaysians can greet 2019 with “good feeling and happiness”.

TTF: If you truly understand everything I said above, you’ll understand, that the only thing left for us to do is not celebrate, but hope that Pakatan Harapan somehow bursts into flames before we end up becoming a bankrupt nation. 

As the nation is about to mark its first New Year under the Pakatan Harapan administration, he said that it is imperative for all Malaysians, from all walks of life, to chart the nation’s destiny together.

“We are lucky as our country is peaceful and harmonious.

TTF: Really?

The Seafiled Hindu temple riots told you that?

Incidentally, why is Waytha Moorthy still a Minister?

Is that how you plan to go about maintaining peace and harmony?

Does the death of Adib not mean a damn thing to you?

“We need to put in greater effort for 2019 so that our country can move towards a developed nation status by 2025. This is our wish,” he said.

TTF: No.

Our wish was for Vision 2020 to be achieved by 2019.

That was about to happen before you swooshed in from out of nowhere and destroyed the economy to irreversible proportions.

So don’t come and tell us what we ought to wish for.

The only thing I wish for at the moment is for you and the DAP to be gone before you do further damage to the country.

Dr Mahathir was speaking before a crowd of 400,000 people gathered in the centre of the administrative capital last night.

Having once helmed the premiership for 22 years from 1981 before the current stint, Dr Mahathir reminded Malaysians that only together can the people bring about peace and harmony in the country.

“Together, we will work to develop the nation as this is our collective hope.

TTF: We were doing fine.

Then, you came along.

Now we need help.

“In a short moment, we will reach the new year 2019.

“Therefore, I am wishing you Happy New Year with all happiness because we are lucky to be in this country,” he said.

After the short speech, Dr Mahathir joined the crowd in counting down to the stroke of midnight.

At midnight, cheers erupted from the audience as the night was lighted by explosion of fireworks and 3D light show beamed onto the Palace of Justice.

Dr Mahathir and the crowd then joined in singing the national anthem ‘Negaraku’ as the Palace of Justice is bathed in a bright cascading light and shapes.

Source: NST Online

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