The reason the world is going bankrupt

Salleh Said Keruak

It is very easy to blame the government for everything under the sun that has gone wrong. There are those who suggest the solution to solving all problems is to change the government and all the problems will go away. Is that really the solution or is this merely a snake-oil merchant’s solution on how to cure all problems?

You cannot solve the problem of racism and religious intolerance by changing the government. It is people who create racial and religious problems so unless Malaysians are prepared to seek peace and harmony that is never going to happen even if you change the government.

The same goes with issues related to the economy. Have the critics ever explained how changing the government can make all Malaysians rich? Malaysia is not in outer space. Malaysia is part of the global economy. Whatever happens in other countries affects Malaysia. So Malaysia is not isolated and insulated from what the other countries do.

Today the world has become an expensive place. The cost of living has spiralled in any country you look at. Some complain that Malaysia is too expensive. Actually it is not Malaysia but a world problem. When others sneeze we catch a cold. So no change of government can change this.