The US-DoJ exercise is NOT going to bring Najib down

The trouble is Mahathir has lousy advisers, strategists and spin-doctors working for him who do not understand how the game should be played. For example, Mahathir’s main blogger — who we shall call LB1 (just like Najib is called MO1 and Lim Guan Eng is PO1) — thinks like a journalist. So does Kadir Jasin, Mahathir’s media strategist. These people are no match for Najib’s Boffin Boys and media team (who even Lim Kit Siang admits are good). And that is why Najib is still in power even after three years (and Mukhriz did tell the court that the move to oust Najib started in 2014).


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Take a look at Lee Kuan Yew’s speech in the video below.

Kuan Yew whacks two of the three Abrahamic faiths. He whacks Christianity and Islam but not Judaism. Why? There are three religions in the Abrahamic faiths and Judaism is the root for both Christianity and Islam. In fact, that most controversial law called Hudud is actually Abrahamic law. It came from the Old Testament. And, in fact, Abrahamic laws are more severe than Sharia laws and there are actually 613 and not just Ten Commandments.

Kuan Yew knew that if he attacked Judaism alongside Christianity and Islam he would be in serious trouble. If he whacks Judaism he would be accused of a hate crime. In fact, if Kuan Yew had questioned the holocaust and said he doubts whether six million Jews were really killed by the Nazis he would be in deep shit. Singapore would be condemned as a pariah state and Kuan Yew would be ostracised by the international community.

Mahathir made the mistake of doing this. He condemned the Jews (and even said that Jews have crooked noses). This was during the time when Mahathir was pissed off with George Soros. So he channeled his anger to every single Jew in the world and even said that America is a proxy of Israel and that the Jews dominate the world through America.

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Not long after that, when Mahathir sacked Anwar Ibrahim and threw him into jail, I went to Washington and spent two weeks there lobbying for Anwar. I asked the US Congress to declare Anwar a political prisoner and ‘Prisoner of Conscience’. In my briefing to the US Congressmen, I told them that Mahathir was anti-Jew and related what he had said. That was enough to get them on Anwar’s side and declare Mahathir the enemy of the free world.


Mahathir thinks he is clever in his US-DoJ exercise against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and 1MDB. Actually I had done that same thing back in 2000. So we know how this game is played. All it needs is money. We employed a Washington lobby firm to handle this project and gave them a six months contract. And I personally met a few US Congressmen to brief them on the situation in Malaysia.

In one briefing to the Human Rights and Foreign Affairs Committee, the Chairman stopped me halfway and said, “Let me try to understand what you are saying. You are saying Anwar is the good guy and Mahathir is the bad guy, right?”

I said yes and he asked me what did I want the US to do. “Do you want the US to impose trade sanctions on Malaysia until Mahathir frees Anwar from jail?”

I told the Chairman that this will only hurt Malaysians. People like Mahathir are too rich to get hurt by trade embargoes and it is the rakyat biasa who are going to get hurt. So we agreed on another course of action (which I am not at liberty to mention here in case it gives Mahathir some ideas).

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Not long after that the Special Branch detained me for two months and questioned me at length regarding my Washington trip. They told me I am a suspected US agent who is working for the CIA. They said even they, as Special Branch officers, need to wait one week for their US visas to be approved while I got mine the same day. That is proof I am a US agent.

What the Special Branch wanted to know is what I did in the US, who I met, what was discussed, and what the US was going to do to Mahathir and/or Malaysia to pressure the government into releasing Anwar from jail.

Actually, what Mahathir is doing with the DoJ is an amateurish game. If they had given me that job I would have done a far better job than Matthias Chang and Khairuddin Abu Hassan. Najib should consider himself lucky I am with him and not with Mahathir. Or else the DoJ exercise that Mahathir and his boys did would have brought Najib down by now if I was handling the matter.

Najib is closer to the US than most people realise, as this speech shows: U.S.-Malaysia Defense Cooperation: A Solid Success Story




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